Monday, 15 July 2013

Zoe's Favourite Technique

Good Morning Splodgers,

How was your weekend? I hope you all had a lovely time no matter what you did.

Today Zoe is going to share a mini tutorial based on her 'Favourite Technique' using the SplodgeAway 8" Large Mixed Floral Mask.

Here's what I used excluding the comb, I forgot to use it in the end lol!

How can I possibly have favourite technique with SplodgeAway products? Impossible! Like most crafters I love to experiment and what I like today will be yesterday's news tomorrow lol! So at the moment I'm loving playing and experimenting with my Gelli plate, and SplodgeAway masks are perfect for creating amazing background designs with it! Here is a very short tutorial if you check out my blog there is the full tutorial!

So you add Acrylic paint onto your Gelli plate and using a brayer to spread it over, it's wise to use less rather than more paint, I then added my flower mask and some bubble wrap and pressed down, I removed the bubble wrap and with the mask still in place I lifted my first print, then I removed the mask, added a different colour paint brayered again then placed the individual flowers roughly into place, bubble wrap again and then removed leaving the flowers in place and lifted another print, I repeated the process once more with a different colour paint and changing position of the flowers!

Once dry, which is very quick, I positioned the mask put the little flowers in place inked through using Distress inks. Here's the finished card! You do need to bare in mind when using the Gelli plate, it is not an exact science, it's very random so if you like neat and perfect your not gonna get it! And I don't clean my Gelli plate between use because you can get some very interesting designs from the old stuff!

The sentiment is from Visible Image! I hope you like the result? I'm very pleased how it turned out. Thank you for looking xx

Thank you Zoe for a very informative tutorial and also your favourite technique, the gelli plate has been popular with the DT team this week. Check out Zoe's blog for even more samples....

See you all tomorrow,

Susan x x


  1. Fabulous Zoe!!
    Masks and the Gelli plate are perfect together.
    Brilliant way of using them and the colours you've chosen are soooo pretty xx

  2. wow this is stunning, and it looks a lot of fun too. I think I need a gelli plate lol
    Claire xx

  3. Fabulous card, I never thought of inking over once printed (doh) very cool

  4. Fab card Zoe. Ill be coming 2 u for lessons- had my gelliplate 4 2 months now n havent had time 2 play with it yet! Gorjus colours x x x

  5. Great card Zoe! I love those colours together and they look so grest used with that mask :)

  6. Nice one Zoe. Havent got a Gelli plate so am intrigued every time I see it used. will have to invest I think.x

  7. SUPEB!!!!! Loving the colours you have used here and great technique description too. Not got a Gelli plate and wasn't sure what to do anyway!!!1 LOL Thanks for the instruction, will be pinning this if that's o/.k.??xx

    1. Thanks Carol, of course it's ok xx