Friday, 31 May 2013

Yvonne and Zoe's Create and Craft Samples

Good Morning All,

I hope you are well today. Today is the last day of Create and Craft Showcases but not to worry tomorrow brings an exciting week.

Today we are showcasing the talented Zoe and Yvonne's Samples.

Take a look at Zoe's Samples...

Zoe has started her samples by making a beautiful elegant card using the 8" Decorative Scalloped Ornate Framer.

Zoe has used the Happy Street Border to create this great mini effective!!

Zoe has used the SplodgeAway 'Check this Out' Mask as a background then overlaid with the new 'Decorative Scalloped Ornate Framer'.

Zoe has created these amazing modern card with the ever popular 'Mask of Many Faces'. Love them all but especially the pop art type card.

Yvonne has also been a busy bee creating these beautiful samples for the T.V....

Yvonne created this very moody card using the Midnight City Border.

Yvonne used the Mask of Many Faces to create these projects. I love the last one...what do you see?
Two faces or a vase with flowers??

Yvonne has used the Clockwork Border to create this steampunk card..perfect for all those male cards!

A lovely mature girly card using the Girly Shoes Border.

Last but not least a lovely glittery card using the Tall Trees Border.

Thank you Yvonne for your hardwork.

Check out Zoe and Yvonne's Blog for more amazing work.

THANK YOU to all of the DT team for their amazing work this show, you have definately did SplodgeAway proud!!

Check back tomorrow for Hazel's demonstration cards and Claire's Easy Ink Project.

Have a Lovely Weekend,

Susan x

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kay and Sam's Create and Craft Samples

Good Morning Splodgers,

How are you this morning?
SplodgeAway HQ is still busy, busy with orders coming through and even Tom is starting the designs for the next show. If you have any ideas why not get in touch with Tom...his email address is and the phone number is 01642605117.

We only have today and tomorrow of samples left then we are moving onto the SplodgeAway Easy Ink Week. We have lots of exciting projects and give aways in the next couple of weeks so please keep checking back to the blog.

To start our samples today we have Kay. She always makes loads of samples for the show which is wonderful but my goodness it takes ages to sort, lol, but don't stop Kay!!!

Kay has used the ever popular SplodgeAway 'Mask of Many Faces' and Celtic 6" Framer to create this beautiful girly card.

I think Kay should do a tutorial on this card! It is stunning, Kay has used the 12" Floral Border on double sided paper and mica powders.

When Tom was designing the border masks I personally wasn't to keen on the trees but after seeing the samples...WOW!! Kay has used the Tall Trees Border and Iron Fence EFFECTIVE!

Kay has used the 6" Complex Geo-Celtic Framer to create this card. A very versatile mask, Claire used it yesterday on a very girly card and Kay has used it on a neutral card.

Kay has created this atmospherical card using the Midnight City Border. Kay has also used the 8" Cracked Mud Mask at the bottom of the card.

A great card to showcase the Girly Shoe Border Mask.

A stunning elegant 8"x8" Card using embossing creme through the 8" Swirly Corner Frame.

Kay has made us proud with these amazing samples! Thank you Kay, for more stunning samples check out her blog.

And we have even more amazing samples to showcase, Sam has also been busy with samples....

Sam has used the Swirly Corner Frame as a background on this card and the used the Happy Street Border as a this card! Perfect for New Home, Birthday, Congratulations, etc.

Sam has used the profile side of the 'Mask of many Faces' in varied colours to produce this arty card. I love it, so vivid and exciting.

Sam has used the faces part of the 'Mask of Many Faces' to create another arty card. This card is great!

Sam has used a variation of border masks to create a 3D card.

 Thank you to Sam for your hard work making the samples. Check out Sam's blog for more inspiration. Also thank you to Sam for your input into the weekly projects. Sam was kind enough to take the time to email some ideas on what the blog could focus on each week.

Check back tomorrow for more amazing samples,

Happy Splodging,

Susan x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Claire Chapman and Kathleen Samples.

Good Morning Splodgers,

How is everybody this morning? I hope you are having a great week. The weather is behaving itself so lets hope it continues.

Today we have more samples from 2 amazing designers. Both are new to the team so please check out Kathleen and Claire's Create and Craft Samples.

Kathleen made LOADS of samples for the show and quite a few were shown on T.V

Kathleen has used the ever so popular 'Mask of Many Faces' to create these stunning cards. I love the canvas aswell, it is so dainty but effective!

Kathleen has used the SplodgeAway 6x6" Fancy Lattice Mask through the Calibur to create the background and then the Padlocked Heart Border on shrink plastic.

How effective is this card!!! Kathleen has cut the Iron Fence Border out for this card, I think it looks great.

Kathleen has used the Floral Foundations Wreath and Floral Foundations Nesting Flowers to create this beautiful feminine card. I think the nesting flowers are my favourite.

The Floral Foundations Daisy Border has been embossed through the Calibur then coloured with pens.

Another feminine card using the Girly Shoe Border.

Kathleen has used the Super Detailed Floral Framer Mask to make the frame on this card.

Wow..this is a great Steampunk male card using the Clockwork Border.

Thank you to Kathleen for all your hard work in making these samples. For more inspiration please check out Kathleen's blog.

Our next designer who is just so talented is Claire Chapman. We have a great variety of grungy to vintage to girly....check it out..

Claire has used the 6" Celtic Framer to emboss the corners of the wall hanger. What a great present for a male recipient.

I love this card....a cross between vintage and girly....Claire has used the Decorative Scalloped Ornate Framer  to create this card.

This is a beautiful mask...the Complex Geo-Celtic Framer, hasn't Claire did a great job with this card!

Claire has created this beautiful wall hanging using the Tall Trees and Happy Street Border. If you ask nicely Claire may do a tutorial on her blog. I wonder if anybody would notice if this hanging went missing???/

Thank you to Claire for beautiful samples. Please check out Claire's blog for more inspiration.

Check back tomorrow for more inspiration,

Take Care,

Susan xx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Carol, Angela and Shell :-)

Good Morning Splodgy Splodgers,

What a beautiful day it was yesterday, I hope you had a wonderful Bank Holiday and fingers crossed this is the start of the summer.

Just to let you know that now has all of the masks from the show available to buy.

Today we have 3 members of the DT team showcasing more amazing samples. We are so proud of our amazing team..

Carol has produced amazing samples from steampunk to girly....

Well as I said to Tom if you can't use your baby as a marketing tool what can I use her for? Couldn't resist her holding Carol's amazing bag she has made using the Girly Shoes Border.

This monochrome card has been produced using the Swirly Corner Frame. Carol has inked through the mask to create the swirls.

Carol has used the Floral Framer to produce this beautiful card, the colours are so vivid, beautiful!!

Carol has used the 'Swirly Corner Frame' and adapted it into an A5card and used the Floral Framer to create the background and toppers.

Carol has used the Clockwork Border to creative this stunning Steampunk card.

I love this Steampunk card of London using both the Clockwork  and Midnight City Borders. The colours just set this card off perfectly....

Carol has made this lovely block using corrugated card and the SplodgeAway Linked Butterfly Border. I think this is so effective. This must of took some time Carol.

THANK YOU Carol for your beautiful samples. Check out Carol's blog for more of her stunning projects.

Angela has produced an array of samples using varied masks and these all look fab!

It looks like Angela had fun with the 'Mask of Many Faces' and what a great job she did too!

Angela has used the Tall Trees Border to create these stunning cards. I love the blue and white card...just so effective!

In this card wrapper was a bar of chocolate, mmmm, but by the time it came around for me to take the samples and photo them it had disappeared! What a great idea though for a present. Angela has used the Padlocked Heart Border.

Angela has used the Linked Butterfly Border and Floral Border to create this amazing card. Everytime I look at it I see something different. It is fab!

Don't you think that Angela has done an amazing job with all of these samples? Please check out Angela's blog for even more inspiration.

Last but my no means least with have Shell's amazing samples. Shell I have pinched these of your blog as I can't find where I have saved your photos.

Shell has used the SplodgeAway Alphabet Border, I think it looks really effective on this card.

Anybody that follows Shells work will say....oops this isn't Shells....OH YES IT IS...WOW WOW WOW...Shell you really need to branch out as this is FANTASTIC!!! Shell has used the 'Mask of Many Faces' to create this masterpiece!

To see more of Shell's work pop over to her blog.


Check back tomorrow for even more samples,

Have a Great Day,

Susan xx