Saturday, 23 March 2013

Rae's Amazing Bunting!!

Rae's Fab Bunting!!

When Tom did his February show on Create and Craft he had amazing samples but one thing was missing....Rae's bunting....the bunting was taken out of the samples box and was forgot to be put back on so it was never shown on the TV. Sorry Rae x

Isn't it just beautiful, flowers created with SplodgeAway Flower Creator Kit.

Thank you Rae it is stunning,

Happy Splodging


Friday, 22 March 2013

Hazel's Create and Craft Projects

Hazel's Create and Craft Card Samples.

Hello Everyone,

Today we are showcasing Hazel's cards made for the last Create and Craft Show. The photographs just do not do the cards any justice as they are so sparkly in real life.

Lovely colours on this card, made using the 6" Fan Tail Mask.

Hazel has used the 8" Smashed Glass Mask to create this simple yet effective card.
Love the vibrant colours.
Hazel has used the 4" Feet Mineez Mask to create this baby card.

Hazel has designed a stunning wedding gatefold card using the Wrought Iron Gates Mask

Hazel has made great use of the Smashed Glass Mask again to create a rocking grunge card.

This is definately my favourite card Hazel has produced, I love the colours and sparkle!! Hazel has used the Vintage Bird Cage Mask and 4" Mineez Musical Notes Mask.

Hazel has used the 6" Fancier Lattice Mask

Hazel has used the 6" Retro Square to make this retro card, perfect for all occasions.

Hazel has used the 6" Leaf It Mask

Thank you Hazel for some amazing samples!!!
Today is the last day of the Create and Craft Samples but check back tomorrow for some more crafting inspiration,

Happy Splodging

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kay's Create and Craft Samples.

Kay's Create and Craft Projects

Hello Everybody,

I must apologise for the inconsistency with the blog. I do try and schedule posts but it is very time consuming and sometimes Holly doesn't want the blog updat
ed, lol. But I promise I will try harder :-)

Today we are showcasing Kay's cards, I spoke to Kay today and I have told her to make less cards so I don't have to take so many photos of her amazing cards...I don't think she listened though!!

Kay has used several SplodgeAway Masks to create this fab card, Swirly Masks, Flower Creator 4 and 6" Leaf It Mask.

Love this baby girl card created using the SplodgeAway Baby Masks.

A fab grunge card made using the 8" Cracked Mud Mask. This is a very versatile mask.

Kay has used the 8" Dirty Scratchy Mask to create this beautiful card.

Created using the 8" Smashed Glass Mask, one of my favourite masks.

This is my favourite card of this group, in real life it is really bright and sparkly. Made using the 6" Fancier Lattice Mask.

The Wrought Iron Gates and Bird Cage Mask have proved popular. Kay has combined them both to create this great card.

Baby Boy card uing the SplodgeAway Baby Masks.

Perfect for male or music fan cards using the 6" Retro Square Mask.

 Absolutely stunning elegant card using the 6" Fancy Flourish.

Another retro card using the Retro Square Mask.

Thank you to Kay for her lovely samples, check out Kay's blog for more inspiration.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the SplodgeAway Blog. Don't forget all masks can be ordered direct from SplodgeAway or call us on 01642605117 to order over the phone.


Monday, 18 March 2013

Kathleen's Create and Craft Samples

More Create and Craft Samples.

This week we carry on with the amazing samples from the DT team. Tom has a new date for the next Create and Craft Show so watch this space.

Today we are showcasing the fab samples designed by Kathleen. Kathleen has used a wide range of SplodgeAway Masks so t
ake a look and be inspired.....

Kathleen has used the Baby Holly Collection to make these stunning vivid tags.

Kathleen made this stunning box using the 6" Fancier Lattice Mask.

I love this card, the combination of the 2 masks and the red are great. Kathleen used the 4" Mineez Lurvee It  and Retro Square 6" Mask

Kathleen has used the Swirly Masks to create this create card.

One of my favourite masks....6" Fancy Flourish.

Kathleen has used the 4" Jigsaw Mineez Mask to create this lovely card. Check out Kathleens other card using this mask further down the page.....

Another popular mask...6" Tear Drop Mask...Kathleen has used this mask to make a beautiful elegant female card.

Kathleen has used the 6" Retro Square Mask to create a beautiful monochrome card.

This is the other card using the Mineez Jigsaw Mask. Isn't it great!

This wall hanging has been created using a range of 4" Funky Frame Masks. 

Thank you Kathleen for some great samples, they are lovely.

Check back tomorrow for even more inspiration...

Happy Splodging