Friday, 14 June 2013

Angela's been Brayering and Blending with the SplodgeAway Mat.

Good Morning Splodgers,

It's nearly the you have anything nice planned? I hope the weather is as nice this weekend as it was yesterday. Whatever you are doing try and check out the blog as we have some very exciting projects each day and lots of new themes using SplodgeAway Products.

Can you believe that SplodgeAway started because Tom and I were made redundant 6 years ago? Its a very long story and I amy just tell you tomorrow....lots of ups and downs and now the only way is up thanks to all of you amazing customers. We value every customer and if you ever have a problem or just want a chat then Tom is always available at or ring him on 01642605117. If he isn't in call back and he is always there to chat (infact you will probably never get off the phone!)

Today Angela has produced a beautiful vivid card, I love the colours!!

'I used the mat to lay down distress ink to brayer the background and then stamped the tall grass and the topper was stamped and then the ink blended (all using the mat of course) once again with distress inks. The SplodgeAway Mat makes both these processes quick and easy.'
Check out Angela's blog for more stunning designs.
The SplodgeAway Mat is perfect for brayering, distressing, watercolouring and so much more so why not buy one if you haven't already. I would love to know what you think of your SplodgeAway Mat so why not email me at
As promised I said I would tell you all about the SplodgeAway/Suzicraft Story, its quite long so bare with me.....

In 2007 Tom and I were made redundant from both our jobs as a Nursery Nurse and Council Officer within a month of each other. After lots of tears and tantrums we took a look at we had and what we could do, we had an old red sizzix pull down machine and lots of card. We started making little kits and selling them at a local craft fair until we had enough money to buy a gazebo and started doing Stockton and Catterick Market. When we saved more money we bought more stock, tables, covers and more. One bad windy day the gazebo snapped and we lost 50% of our stock...all flying down the high street! The only way to carry on was to buy a market stall but it would not fit in our little black punto so we made the hard decision of selling the car :-( and buying an old clapped out van, market stall and some more stock. After a few years the business was going from strength to strength, we did have bad patches where Tom had to get a job as a bus driver, bad weather stopped us standing but we tried keeping positive. Tom started his own stall next to the craft one doing air brush tattoos and he decided that he could design and make his own stencils. They were such a success and people were constantly asking for custom made stencils. In 2011 we finally made the plunge and opened the Suzicraft Shop. Tom discovered that the stencils he designed would be perfect for craft masks and one day he accidenly spilt some water on the material, the water stayed on it without absorbing......SplodgeAway was born!!

Thank you Angela for a beautiful cheery project and all our amazing followers.

Happy Splodging
Susan x x


  1. Absolutely stunning Angela, love the butterfly, so pretty, the colours are fab xx

  2. Beautiful card Angela. Love the colours and your layout- fab. X x x

  3. Love card Angela and love the crafty story.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  4. Gorgeous card and love the mix of colours. Sam

  5. Lovely card and story from start to splogaway was born mary

  6. Lovely coloring and I like the layout for this card. The three background panels with the top center one are very effective. Great job on this!

  7. Gorgeous card hun, love the graduation in colour and the use of panels is so effective
    Claire xx