Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Rae's Free Range Project

Good Morning Splodgy Splodgers,

How are you all today? I hope you are all well. Toms SplodgeAway Facebook page currently has a mystery giveaway going on so get yourselves over like, share and comment on the post for a chance of winning.

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Today we are continuing with the theme 'Free Range', so Rae has been let loose and has produced some stunning gift tags and if you call over to her blog Rae has even produced a tutorial.

"These are 3 little gift bags are made from left over envelopes. For full how to go to www, They can be made to any size of envelope. Great, quick and easy as well as uniquely personal if needed. The masks I used were an original SplodgeAway Mask of winged horses and mermaids ( had it for ages and only just getting to use it :-) ) that I just love, Smashed Glass, Swirly Lattice and Cupcake creator. I tied the colour scheme in with the lovely delicate washi tape being envelopes they dont like a lot of wet products." I hope you like it :-)

Thank you Rae for your lovely work.

Check back tomorrow to see what Kay has produced,

Susan xx


  1. Oh wow they are gorgeous Rae, what a clever idea
    Claire xx

  2. These are fabulous, and so clever, what a wonderful idea, and great way to use those masks that don't get aired enough lol xx

  3. Brilliant idea Rae - must give it a go. Really good use for the masks x

  4. Great idea Rae and very pretty.x

  5. Fabulous! Great idea and gorgeous colours.

    Linda xxxx

  6. Love this idea. Really super bags and a tutorial too!!! Great colours.
    Carol xx