Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mistletoe & Rhyme by Sam Crowe

This week we are having a play on words courtesy of Sam Crowe, Sam is always making up little ditty's and poems so she suggested the theme for this week instead of Mistletoe and Wine we are playing Mistletoe and Rhyme.

So its only right that we showcase Sam first this week, you will all agree she has done an amazing job, over to you Sam.............

Materials used

SplodgeAway Mat
Flitter Glue
Flitter Flakes - Yorkshire Dales
Distress Ink - Vintage Photo
Mouse Stamp - Free in Magazine last year
Fire Place Stamp and Reindeer Stamp - Creative Stamping Mag, current one.
Mistletoe - stamp from last years stash
Red Paper from - Milton & Co Christmas Paper Stash
Poem - Made up for my project
X-cut Die - Oval
Sponge Tape
Pro-markers - Poppy & Caramel

The Poem is an up-cycled version of Twos the Night that I did - I will put it at the end as I don't think you can see it easily on the photo.

Rhyme - I printed off my poem then cut it out with the x-cut die and decided this would be my centre piece. You can pick any poem of your choice.

Flitter Flakes - Put 1/4 tsp of Flitter Glue onto a piece of sponge about 1 1/2 cm by 1cm work in with a palate knife, metal or plastic.  Always put your equipment straight into water after using Flitter Glue, then it comes off really easily.  Stand your sponge for a minute or two - no longer than that, then with your tree stamp dab the sponge over it as if you were putting ink on, place stamp onto paper and take off straight away.  Apply flitter Flakes rub in and off with your fingers ensuring all glued areas are covered and then use the Flitter sponge to buff it up and take off the excess.  Then run the sponge around the edge of the oval and use the same method with the flakes.  This also applies to the Mistletoe, Reindeer and Fireplace.

Antiquing - Ink the edges of the oval using the SplodgeAway Mat and the Distress Ink - I normally use a few inks but once the Flitter Flakes are on it adds to the antique look so I liked it as it was.  Also ink the main card measuring up to the Red piece of paper in the middle.  I hold everything in place till I feel it is right then stick everything down.  All layers are flat except the fireplace which was added with sponge tape.

Stamps - all but the mistletoe stamps were applied Before any inking was done.  The mouse and fireplace were coloured in with Pro-markers.

So Once you have done the Reindeer, fireplace, centrepiece inking and put everything together, then go ahead and stamp the mistletoe over the card and the centre paper again using the Fitter glue and flakes.

And there you have it.  Everything on the card was just meant to make it look christmassy to go with the Rhyme - So here it is, don't hold your breath:-

Twos the night before Xmas and all through the house,
was a feeling of excitement AND a little brown mouse,
the Xmas tree laden with decor and lights,
the children's stockings looked a lot like tights?
Santa's Big Feet walking about on the roof,
Dancer and Prancer were tapping their Hoof,
Down from the chimney came a Big Red Butt,
and a LOUD noise as Santa banged his Nut!

the dust it did settle, but not for a while,
and the mouse waited patiently with his Little Brown Smile!!

Merry Xmas


  1. Gorgeous card Sam the colours make me feel all warm just like the fire.x

  2. That's a beautiful card. Gorgeous colours.

    Jo x

  3. I have seen this card in real life and it is absolutely fantastic. Well Done Sam x

  4. love the card Sam, the poem is awesome xx

  5. Lovel card. The poem really made me smile. A good start to my Monday morning. Thankyou.

    Val in Spain xxx

  6. Hi Sam - just playing catch up. thought I'd commented on this post but I must have seen it on FB - Brilliant it is ! what a great verse, very clever xx