Friday, 21 December 2012

Flitter it Mini by Sam Crowe

Thanks to Sam for this gorgeous example of how to use your SplodgeAway masks with Indigo Blu flitter glue and flakes

Make it Mini
By Sam Crowe

Items Used

SplodgeAway Mask
Indigo Blu  - Flitter Glu & Sponge
Indigo Blu -  Mega Flakes
Card Stock - fm Suzicraft
Ruben d'emballage - Rope style Ribbon

There is not a lot to tell on this one it is one technique throughout - it came about when I was playing with my Flitter Flakes and Stamps in Suzicraft and Tom asked if I had tried them through one of his masks.  My answer was no but I will now!  This is the result!

So "Word of Warning" If you try this the first thing you need is a bowl of water big enough to wash your masks, or a very close sink! 

Hold your mask over the card, or use stick and spray to keep it in place.  Load your sponge with half a teaspoon of Flitter Glu and just work it into the sponge a bit at a time.  Give the sponge one or two minutes to "rest".  Sponge over the mask making sure you get to all the corners, I did it a little bit like I would a Stenskape, working from the edge into the centre of the shapes. Take the mask off and give it a wash in water, this also takes the glue off your hands immediately.  Once you have put the glue onto the card it stays sticky for a long time.

Put your Mega Flakes onto the card - If you get larger pieces just lay them out by hand to get full use of them.  Once you have covered all areas gently rub with your fingers to take of excess.  Put Flakes back in box or carton and with the Polishing Sponge you get from the starter kit just gently rub all over your work, this takes off the excess and buffs it up a bit. 

I actually did the centre separately because I was looking for something to place in the middle but thought that really just the Mega Flakes would do it as the Mask itself looked so lovely done in this way it didn't need anything - except of course the little "Best Friends" sentiment.  The sentiment was also done in Mega Flakes but this time the glue had been used on the stamp.  Do wash all equipment straight away in plain water, the glu washes off very easily.

I hope you like the effect and I hope you give it a go.
Bye for now


  1. Stunning card Sam. I really really like this one. Is it Kraft Card or Recycle card you used?

  2. This is so gotgeous Sam, really beautiful, very rich and lush looking! x

  3. Sam, that is a beautiful card xx