Saturday, 25 May 2013

SplodgeAway Blog GiveAway Winner

Good Evening Splodgy Splodgers,

What a great day today the sun is shining and we have been so busy in the shop after the amazing shows yesterday. THANK YOU to everybody that bought the masks on Create and Craft shows yesterday, 2 sell out shows = a busy week ahead cutting and packaging more masks.

Tom will be adding the masks to the SplodgeAway website tomorrow and also the blog will be updated with the samples from the show.

Now the moment you have been waiting for:

To make it fair we asked Holly to choose a winner, she had a good luck in the box....

She stuck her hand in and pulled out......2 winners.....

Holly decided to choose 2 winners so we are pleased to announce:

Jean Bullock

Hi! I just found out about you. I have followed you be e-mail and also GFC. Thanks so much!



Hi, I am so looking forward to the shows on Friday, I will be glued to the screen! This is a fabulous giveaway, what a lovely way to welcome everyone. Good luck to one and all.

Hugs Jan xxx

So Well Done to Jan and Jean. And Well Done Holly for pulling out the winners. If you can email your address to and I will get those kits sent out.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Susan x x


  1. Congrats to the winners and well done Hollyx Thats a much better way of choosing the winner than the random number picker.lolx

  2. Congrats winners and have great fun with you prizes!!!
    carol xx
    well done Holly

  3. Congratulations, Jan and Jean, boy your in for a treat! And Aww! Bless little Holly, such a little cutie! Can that baby get any cuter? Xx

  4. Looks like Holly is taking her responsibility very seriously lol! Congrats to the winners!
    Claire xx

  5. Well done ladies and well done to beautiful holly you are growing so fast x

  6. Congrats to the winners! So much cuter than looking at a widget! Ger x

  7. Well done to the two winners. Holly will skint me pulling out two winners of a giveaway this size... lol Tom :D

  8. Holly made some great picks...

  9. isnt she sooo cutexxxx well done the lucky winners x

  10. Well done to the lucky winners. What a great random generator.....

  11. Great job, Holly! (My granddaughter's name is Hollie too.) Thanks for pulling my name out!

  12. Nice job Holly. Congratulations to the two winners.

  13. How cute, well done Holly and well done lucky winners xx

  14. Sent two e-mails regarding the prize but have not heard back. Have you received my e-mails?