Saturday, 22 September 2012

Watercoloured Fabric

Project By Sam Crowe

Materials Used

Derwent Inktense - Water/Fabric paints

Derwent Watercolour pencils

SplodgeAway Mat

SplodgeAway Dot the lot Mask

SplodgeAway Stenskape - City

Water pen from "The Pencil Factory"

Docraft flowers from - Suzicraft

Chandelier & swirl stamp - Hobby Crafts Own

Tag - from my "use that one later" stash.


This one was quick and easy once I had decided what I wanted to do, which took me half a day!! I will tell you about that one another day!!

I had a tag that I had made a long time ago when I first started to play around with the SplodgeAway masks and stamps but had never used it on anything. The reason it hadn't been used was because I had nothing to go with it, so this was an ideal opportunity to make something to go with it. So my project this week really is "backing paper", with watercolours.

 I got an 8"by 8" card and crayoned in different blues and one pink at random right across the page trying to make different shades of the colour with the pressure of the pencils, I mixed inktense and Watercolour pencils. I then got a quarter inch paint brush, loaded it with water and washed over the pencilled area making sure I started off the page and took the brush right off the other side so that I didn't get blobs of colour in the middle. I dried the card with a heat kitchen roll and a heat gun. The card was embossed with the Dot the lot Mask.

I then water sprayed the top left and bottom right corners of the card and used a craft knife to make shingles of pencil on the wet paper and some finer pieces with a piece of sand paper (you just literally sand off the pencil onto the paper in the are that you need it. I got out my water spray and sprayed over these areas again to "melt" the shingles into the design. This added just a hint of textured colour in the corners. PLEASE NOTE: if you are using Inktense you need to to get wet and then dry for it to set, especially if using it on fabric.

 I then stamped the opposite corners with the flourish stamp. I got my tag and tried to match up the stamped area (we all know I could have just stamped over it in the beginning) oops! I then stencilled on the birds from the City Stenscape and stamped the chandelier and the wording which I have used several times.

 I then decorated with the flowers - I always have a stash of these in for emergencies! The tag had originally been second stamped and stencilled with the Dot the Lot. Last but not Least - it just wouldn't be the same if I didn't get out my SplodgeAway mat and darken the edges of the card and tag to match each other and bring it all together.

 Hope you like it, it sounds simple but!!!.....
Sam x


  1. Thank you for your comments Sue and Sue I do appreciate them.

  2. Oh...this is just so pretty. Lovely, lovely colours Sam.
    E x