Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Stenscape Apperture

Project By Sam Crowe

Tools Used

SplodgeAway Mat

Stenscape - City

Splodge-a-Mask - Dot the Lot

Grand Calibure

SplodgAway Easy Ink Card

Grand Nestabilities - Book Cover 2

Creatables Die - LR0146

Xcut Die - Doorplate

Hougie Board

Tim Holtz Ink - Black Soot

Once again all my materials were bought at Suzicraft


This card took a lot of thought initially but once the design was set is a fairly quick card to make.

I used Easy Ink Card because although I haven't really used much ink the easy ink card looks beautiful when it is embossed. So here is how I did it-

THE CARD : Emboss an "8 by "8 card with SplodgAway Dot the Lot Mask. On the card I used the "de-bossed" Dots and on the centre card I used the Dots the opposite way - embossed.

THE APPERTURE : To make the centre piece - the Apperture - measure surface area 8 spots wide by 11 spots long (if you can't cut straight or measure, these spots are a great guideline! And as I wanted whole dots at my edges this is how I measured. BUT I measured an extra 4 rows of dots on each side of the Width. I then got out my Hougie board and Scored line 2 from the edge of the centre piece of card and 2 lines in again, Which came in between the dots. I then repeated this on the other side.

THE WHOLE : Put the Panel into the Gran Calibur useing the smallest "door" oblong shape from the Grand Nestabilities. I would suggest that you tape this in place with low tack tape - exactly in the centre and cut. Then Emboss the whole piece with the dots - Fold the embossed sides under so they stand up from the card like a box, add red tape to the sides to be attached to the card, and stick down.

THE TOPPER : Cut out the largest shape from the Xcut die and then useing the Same die as above tape in the middle and cut with Calibur. Useing sticky foam pads attach the Xcut die to the top of the centre piece lining up the cut out area.

THE BIRDCAGE : Cut out the Bird Cage die twice. With the City Stenscape, your SplodgeAway Mat, and Tim Holtz Black Soot Ink - stencil over the Birds and line as dark as you can, cut this out very carefull leaving as much extra line as you can. Useing your finger nails just gently pull on the paper on the bird cage (You have more control with your fingers for a delicate piece like this). All you want to do is stretch the card to a rounded shape on the main frame, but you have to streatch every bit to get a good shape. Put one rounded edge down towards the base of the card, put red tape on the inner edge of the top cage and attach it to the edges of the lower cage, THE TRICKY BIT : catch in the line of the birds one at a time so you can position them right. So this means the birds are literally sitting in the middle of the cage.

Put a few stick pads on the back of the cage and attach to the card - just manipulate it so that the top of the cage is under the whole for the bottom cage and on top of the whole for the top cage - put a small stick pad on the top piece and stick it to the top of the cut out square - this holds the cage in the right position.

FINISHING TOUCHES : The butterfly was given to me by Joan (thank you Joan).

Hope you like it



  1. ohh sam this is lovely clean and classy
    karen x

  2. Ahhh this is a bit fabulous .. and clever as well ! xx

  3. Stunning card Sam, I have seen it in real life and it is really clean and crisp x

  4. Gorgeous Sam, very very pretty xx