Monday, 22 April 2013

Kathleen's Create and Craft Samples

Good Morning Everybody,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. We spent Sunday celebrating Tom's little sisters 16th, her birthday is today so

HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY Rosa!!! xx

Hello to all of our new followers, it is lovely to see so many people adding us both on facebook and the blog.

Today we are showcasing Kathleen's Create and Craft Samples. Kathleen used the Birthday Kit Mask to create party bags, candle holders and more.....

Kathleen has used the popular Scribble Frame Mask to create a beautiful female card. This mask also comes with the sentiment 'Birthday Girl'.

Kathleen has used several masks to create a fantastic jazzy birthday card. Kathleen has used the Party Poppers 8x8 Mask, Presents and Birthday Star.

Kathleen has sprayed and inked over the Detailed Butterflies to create a beautiful butterfly card.

Kathleen has inked, cut out and wrapped the Tulip Field Mask around a jar to create a beautiful candle holder. Something a bit different....

I love this easel card incorporating several masks again. Kathleen has only used one small piece of backing card and the rest is SplodgeAway.

Kathleen has created a beautiful gift box using the Party Poppers Mask and Birthday Presents.

Another alternative to cards is a bottle label....perfect for all occasions.....Kathleen has embossed the Scribble Frame (which is really versatile) and Butterfly Creator.

A great idea for a femaile birthday card using the 8x8 Psychedelic Mask and Birthday Girl Sentiment

I love this frame!!! Psychedelic Mask in the background and Butterfly Creator for the butterflies.

Kathleen has created 2 birthday gift bags, one male and one!!

Kathleen has done an amazing job of showcasing the Birthday Kit. Thank you Kathleen :-) You can purchase the whole kit from Create and Craft or the individual components from SplodgeAway.

Niki Ward hsa created this amazing girly card using the Butterfly Wreath and Butterfly Creator. I spotted it on facebook and had to show it on the blog... Thank you Niki!!

With all this inspiration I want all my crafting goodies out to play!! Check back tomorrow for even more..

Susan x


  1. Beautiful samples Kathleen, you're on a roll with all the lovely new masks. Gorgeous card from Nikki too.
    Claire xx

  2. Lovely samples Kathleen, especially the poppy 1. Love the colours on nickys card 2! X x x x

  3. Well Kathleen these samples were just fabulous. Love the last one. Nice the way you have highlighted the flowers and put the butterflies on top. gives loads of dimention and interest.x

  4. Thank you for showing my card x I really enjoy using the splodgeaway products xx

  5. Fab samples - absolutely gorgeous! Happy Birthday to Rosa and Niki's card is stunning! xx

  6. Hi Kathleen what a lovely bunch of samples you have dear! No favourite for me, too many really goods ones and clever designs.

    Congrats Niki on getting your lovely card put on our Blog.

    Finally Happy Birthday Rosa. i

  7. Great selection of samples you show the versatility well Kathleen and well done NIki I'm proud of you x

    1. Thankk you Hazel. I couldnt do it without your guidance support and inspiration xx I'm well chuffed that they wanted to put it on the blog xx