Sunday, 13 January 2013

Shell's Create and Craft Creations.

Today we are showcasing Shell's creations that she made for the show. Shell is a very talented colourer and her stamps look fantastic. Shell shows us how inking and embossing your cards can achieve some great looks.

Shell has embossed the 6"x6" Card King mask onto white card and stuck with the colour theme white, red and black...isn't it effective???

Shell has used a combination of the Star the Lot 8"x8" mask and Happy Birthday banner to create a brilliant male card. I like the way Shell has adapted the banner so that it can be used on any card without the plane on.

Shell has used the 8"x8" Tread Plate Layout and slightly inked through the mask to create a great background for her image.Shell has  showed how adaptable the masks can be as she has cut it down to trim the screw corners from the edges and banner from the bottom. Just Great!!!

Thank you to Shell for these great designs.

I hope you are all enjoying the designs we are showcasing, check back tomorrow for even more.

Are you enjoying the weekend? Why not pop over to the Ross Papercraft Show at Nissan to meet Tom or next Sunday you will find him at the Ross Papercraft Show in Hull.

Happy Splodging


  1. Gorgeous cards Shell. Your colouring is Fab! We need a tutorial!!!!! Hugz, xxxxxxx

  2. Don't have to comment really Shell me old mate you know how much I adore your work huggles hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and yes I agree with Jaynes previous comment!!! LOL

  3. Shell these are lovely - the Dude especially is ace!