Thursday, 10 January 2013

Carrying on with the show cards.

We are going to carry on showing the great job the SplodgeAway Design Team did for the Create and Craft Show last week. All the masks used on these projects are available from the SplodgeAway website.

Today we are showcasing Sams creations as it is her birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sam.

Made using the 6"x6" Card King Mask

Made using the 6"x6" Tied Knott Mask

Splodged using the SplodgeAway Mat and 6"x6" Flower Power Layout

Sam went with the monochrome look using the Mad About Fishing StenSkape.

Made using the 6"x6" Barbed Wire Layout.

Male book using various masks and mediums. I am sure Sam will put more details on her blog so don't forget to check it out!

Thank you Sam, check back tomorrow for more designs.
If you have bought some masks why not email your creations over to and we can showcase them on the blog.

Happy Splodging


  1. Nice job Sam some great cards there and once again Happy Birthday :)

  2. Amazing cards here Sam. Happy Birthday, have a great day.

    Val in Spain xxx

  3. Sam although I am not a naturally grungy person I just love that car book. the colours are great. Well done with the samples. Cant wait to see new ones.x

  4. Lovely cards Sam. Grungey is my fave x x x x