Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rectangles Brayer and Blend

I hope you enjoyed the demos on TV today,I'm sure you saw some of Eileens work, we are very lucky to have her on our design team and here is some more of her stunning work.

Hi everyone, I've made this card using the Splodge-a-Mask called 'Rectangles' for this weeks theme on the SplodgeAway Blog.
The theme is 'Brayer and Blend... Start a new trend' Well, not sure about the 'start a new trend' bit but I loved making this card with my brayer and the SplodgeAway Mat.

Just a quick word here on how the Mat works with a Brayer. In the past I would load my brayer with ink and then take off the excess on copier paper ( I used to use tons of paper!) Then, to avoid lines, do a few 'wheelies' to remove the inks from the areas of the brayer I needed to be 'lighter' or ink free, on more copier paper.
Still with me?

Now, I load my Brayer leaving the ends of the roller ink free and brayer across my SplodgeAway Mat to take off the excess and to evenly distribute the colour.

The Mat is so smooth that the ink stays wet for a much longer time and this allows me to go back over and over again to 'lift off' more ink, which in turn helps me get smooth, unlined blending on my work, with less effort and no waste of paper or ink.

Please DO NOT use baby wipes to clean your mat. I spray my Mat with water and wipe it with a cloth
After taping the Mask down onto my card stock with masking tape and using some Adirondack Inks ( Citrus and Cranberry) I brayered across and over the mask, lifted it off and then stamped the Designs By Ryn Kelp images, using various colours of Versafine Inks.
A few blobs of Liquid pearls, that's it .... job done!

SOME NEWS! SplodgeAway will be on Create and Craft TV on Sunday 11th November at 3pm with some brand new and very pretty Masks. Keep an eye on my blog and I'll update you with any changes.

Thanks for looking today
Eileen x


  1. Reminds me of the sea Eileen. Was this your intention or ias my imagination running wild. Beautiful and vibrant.x

  2. This is a lovely card Eileen, I love this 3 way split look. You know I might just dust off my own Breya. You always inspire Eileen. Sam