Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chocolate Box by Sam Crowe

Tools Used
SplodgeAway Mat - Demonstrator
Distess Inks - Warm Lipstick, Weathered Wood - Faded Jeans
Black Archival Ink
Indigo Blu Stamps
Crafty Individuals Stamp
Clarity Stamp
Black & Pink card
Clarity A5 Coated Card Stock
Hole Punch - small
Pink Spotted Ribbon
Blue Ribbon
Hougie Board

Most of the above items were bought at Suzicraft

Project - Breyer

For this Project I wanted to try a few new techniques with the breyer and I am pleased with the results.  My theme is a vintage style Chockolate Box - by vintage, really I mean the ones we used to get as kids at xmas with them old pictures on them.

Breyering stamp image and background colour all at once.

I put my pink ink onto the mat not too much - it depends on the depth of colour your want.  So to get the striped colour and the stamp done together - Breyer your ink over the mat until it is smooth - ink up the female stamp in Black Archival ink - run the Breyer, still with the pink ink on it, over the stamp - start at either side of the stamp but make sure you get a full picture and make sure the picture doesn't overlap on the breyer.  Thats it, you could breyer upwards on a whole piece of A4 if you liked and you would get the image with the pink background all the way up your paper in a repeat pattern with abosolutely no effort whatsoever.  The lady in the corner was stamped on from the block because I only wanted one and I wanted to put the background in later so you couldn't see the "join".

The Buildings

For the next part, I did the same method of the stamp onto the Breyer but without the background ink this time, so roll you image but think about weather you are going to breyer up-over or across your page because that makes a difference with this stamp, as I was going to go across the width I brayered over the stamped image from right to left till it filled the breyer, if I was going up-over I would have brayered the stamp from the bottom up.  I knew I wanted to leave a gap in the middle though.

Now just a bit of playing around now - I ripped up a few pieces of paper, one with a straight line to mask off the ladies on the left, one to mask off the lady on the right and one for the middle piece.  Firstly I breyered the middle so placed all the lady masks over, the one on the right is not cut out but torn around the image, so you can hardly tell where the colours join.  Breyer from you mat. When you breyer always start off the paper and end off the paper so you don't see a start of finish line on your work. 

So Mask off all the ladies - and Breyer you middle section.  Finally get to straight edges of paper for the dark blue strip, either hold them down or tape them, be we are not going for a perfect straight line here just a bit of a blend.  Put a lot of ink on your SplodgeAway mat this time, this is an outline so you want it dark.

Stamp you wording at an angle in the middle in ~Black Archival ink.  And there you have it. Decorate with a blue ribbon and attach to a bock - one I made earlier - and decorate to match.  The box was made from Black and Pink card using my Hugie Board.  See Mrs Hougie for instructions.

Hope you like it, can you smell the chocolates?


  1. Sam the images and colouring on this is beautiful so moody. I mean that in the nicest possible way.x

  2. what an unusual technique, havent heard of it an intersting effect.

  3. It is absolutely stunning. A very unusual technique. i love it how did u get the archival if the brayer tho?

    Still stunning Xx

    1. Hi Lindylou thank you for you lovely comment. I am glad you pointed this out to me.

      I have put Archival Ink because I use it on a daily basis but I should have said IMPRESS Ink Pad.

  4. Love this effect n the colours are fab sam x x x

  5. PLEASE NOTE - this should read black IMPRESS ink pad NOT Archival!!!! Archival ink does stain your breyer. Apologies for my senior moment!

  6. The softness of the colours the stamps the ribbon I could go on and on I love everything about this project xx

  7. Beautiful Sam, but when you handed the box in it didn't have any chocolates in it x