Monday, 9 July 2012

New York New York

Welcome to all our new followers here on SplodgeAway - hopefully we will get to know you.

I just wanted to post a message here to say that due to the demand over at for the SplodgeAway products the web site has gone into melt down and is currently receiving First Aid. Once the life support has kicked in - normal service will resume.

Annette x

Our theme for this week is 'Put A Song in It' Here's Sue's take on the title...........

Today's card for the 'Put A Song In It' theme is based on my trip to New York and of course my hubby's favourite song 'New York New York'

I basically used the hearts and cogs mask, this was ideal because I wanted a huge heart. I embossed it twice on easy ink paper and cut them both out...then distressed them in four different colours of distress ink using the 'can't do without' SplodgeAway' mat which just goes to show how they blended together beautifully.
The first heart was covered with Versamark ink and heat embossed with clear embossing powder. The second was distressed around the edges and then sprayed with cosmic shimmer Vintage Gold Mist and torn in half. The added wrapped shoe lace adds a touch of humour (as you walk miles in New York...... LOL)
I then added some words of the song and some pictures of skyscrapers and the good lady herself. All of this was added to an 8x8 card the background I had inked through the mask and also used the shimmer spray.
Happy Memories.... now hope you're sing the song along with old blue eyes himself.
Happy Splodging
Susan x


  1. Hi Annette, this card is really different. You have put so much thought into the interpretation I really like your style and design. Best wishes, Lesley x

  2. sue great card, (we heart NY)
    karen x

  3. as usual Mrs Mop (lol) the card is gawjussssss xx

  4. Cool card! I ordered my mat from C & C and its on it way - can't wait! xx

  5. Hi Lestim, thanks for joining The Splodgeway blog. This card was created by Sue Jimson aka Jimbo, who is a designer on the SplodgeAway Design Team. As you will agree she is a very talented designer. Annette Lee is the coordinator of the blog and she is also very talented.

  6. Thanks for ordering your SplodgeAway Mat from Create & Craft Craftychris, I really hope you like it. If you need any advice or tips and tricks you can either visit the SplodgeAway Blog or drop me a line at our shop, I will answer ALL calls made to me unless I am out, if I am out I WILL phone you all back. Tom :)

  7. I would also like to say to Jimbo, I couldnt stop singing "New York, New YOOOORRRRKKKK!!!" in a silly American accent for about 3 hours after seeing this card.... THANKS!

    1. No problem Tom I'm always happy to help !!!

  8. Hi Can you tell me how you embossed the stencil. Was it through the calibur and if so what sandwich was it. Thankyou Janet