Thursday, 19 July 2012

Flowers for Carol


Project By Sam Crowe

(I would like to dedicate this card to Carol Rutter, my childhood friend and Joan's Neice).

Joan is a lovely lady I met at Suzicraft, everyone likes her. She is kind and generous and loves to share her crafting goodies & ideas. She has a passion for crafting and you can often see her in the shop crafting away like a busy bee, she loves it and you can tell that she does by what she produces, even us fellow crafters ask to buy her work off her. It turns out that we had connections from the past. I asked Joan if she would make me some of her lovely flowers, at the time she was experimenting with a "Mills & Boon" if you know what I am talking about your are not 21 years old!!!!

I had set in my mind what the card was going to look like, but it ended up becoming something completely different, it became a "scrapbook card" showing the connection with myself, Joan and Carol. Joans flowers are simple but beautiful and I built the whole card around them. I hope I did them justice. I also used one of my Crafty Individuals stamps bought at and one of Tom's lovely spotty Masks (you will definately be seeing this on future cards)! All this was brought together with my SplodgeAway mat, Tea Dye and Black Soot distress inks. 

Did you notice that I treated myself to the Grand Nestabilities "Grand Label One" which is what I made the card with. The little stud in the tag is actually an earring, I bought up a load in Boots at Christmas when they were selling them off, I knew I would eventually find a use for them.

Does anyone want to buy 1 earring?



  1. Lovely card Sam and your right Joan is so cute lol love her xxx

  2. stunning card sam and i love joan tooxxx

  3. Loving the vintage feel of this card - really fab. I like the idea of using cheap earrings as embellishments, brilliant xx

  4. Brilliant card - nice to use old or inexpensive earrings!!! Unfortunately I do know about Mills & Boon - no I don't read them though!!! LOL Think this is a beautiful design and the flowers are really great.

    Sue P cc