Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Mouse Ran Up The Clock......

The GiveAway Continues..........

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Now for today's blog contribution

The Mouse Ran Up the Clock

By Sam Crowe

When I was given the SplodgeAway Clock Mask by Tom I loved it straight away, but my mind went blank. I wanted to do something different with it to show the versatility of the masks he designs, I wanted to think outside the box. So I decided to forget that I was doing a clock project and just play with my Mask and inks and SplodgeAway Mat. I hadn't done any stamping for a while and thought I would throw some of my recently bought but not much used stamps into the mix.

As I embossed the mask onto plain white card my first thought was to age it - I just love doing this with the SplodgeAway mat because of the amount of play you get with the inks, as I used my light to dark inks I got a blend that looked almost like leather. I stamped the carriage and the mouse in the middle and started to get a bit of a story in my head. A story of nostalgia and shared memories of different fairy tales and eras that are embedded in the mind of lots of people, which would jolt memories to total strangers who looked at the card. I could have put a lot more images on than I did, but stopped myself so that some of it could be left to the imagination of the person looking at the card.


OK a bit heavy I know but thats what time is isn't it, its the past the now the future. And crafting is the same. When you get your masks and SplodgeAway mat out and give yourself a couple of hours to just mess around you can drift off and get totally lost in your project, which is why crafting is so great, a whole two hours where you forgot that there was a pile of ironing, or that the dog has his legs crossed or just that you were supposed to be doing something else a lot less mentally stimulating. All this from one SplodgeAway Mask. Can't wait for my next project!!



  1. Hi Sam, Loving your project. I too like to get lost in my crafty projects for a couple of hours, just seeing where the process takes me.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi punkleface - wow I adore the images on you blog.Thanks for your lovely comment, can never get too many!!!

  3. lovely card just beautiful big hugs craft-mad-manning :)

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment. Just popped over to your site, you make lovely cards. Love the Jubilee Card. Sorry you can't get out. At least blogging lets you keep in touch with like-minded people. I love being on the Design Team and am discovering new techniques all the time.